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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Check Existing UI Account
You have indicated that you would like to establish a new User Account.
Is this User Account going to be for a UI Employer or Reporting Service ?
If you are an Employer, do you have an existing Nevada UI (SUTA) Account Number? If you are a Reporting Service, are you an existing Reporting Service with DETR?

Select 'Yes' to only create an online User Account for your existing Employer or Reporting Service account.

Select 'No' to complete the full registration process for a new Employer or Reporting Service account.
Yes No
Important Information
If you are an employer, with an existing Nevada UI (SUTA) Account Number for which your FEIN is already established within the Employer Self Service System and you wish to be issued a new Nevada UI (SUTA) Account Number please complete the Nevada Business Registration Form and forward to ESSInternetHelp@detr.nv.gov

Note: this also applies to accounts which exceed 8 consecutive quarters of no wages paid, in which the accounts have been deactivated. If you have questions or concerns, regarding this information please contact DETR at ESSInternetHelp@detr.nv.gov
UINV ESSReg 2023-07-25 10:57:25 PRD